Handcuffs Under Water


Houdini is manacled with handcuffs or similar metal restraints by the local chief of police before diving off a bridge half naked into a frozen-over river. He emerges (from the hole his dive made in the ice) moments later free from the restraints, a little blue, and possibly accompanied by penguins.


Houdini's wife, Bess, was a certified scuba diver. She also owned her own acetylene torch (inherited from her grandmother). This allowed her to wait under water for her husband to swim by. She'd cut him free of his bonds and let him take all the glory, while she sat freezing under water for a couple more hours until the press and other spectators left (this was made all the more arduous in that fashionable women's wetsuits at the time had skirts and a plethora of waterproof petticoats.)End of story

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