Walk Through Glass


Criss Angel and spectators stand outside the front window of a small business. Angel goes into the business after asking two spectators to hold a newspaper spread in front of the window. Seconds later, Angel's hand bursts through the paper, with the rest of him following closely behind. The window is shown to be intact -- Angel has walked right through a pane of glass!


Believe it or not, there is no glass in the shop window. Instead, a perfectly even waterfall of pure H2O is used to simulate a window without offering any barrier. Before the trick begins, Angel coats himself with acylitate of silica benzodrine nitrate (a highly flammable carcinogenic water repellant skin irritant) and talcum powder so that water will bead on his skin and roll off as if he were a duck. His clothing is entirely fabricated from rubber and coated with Armor All so that it, too, will not look wet.

With this setup, all Angel has to do is, hidden behind the paper, step through the "window" and into the gaze of his amazed audience.End of story

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