About Criss Angel

Criss Angel is a "cutting edge" magician whose popularity skyrocketed with the success of his A&E television show, "Criss Angel's Freakout." Angel likes to perform edgy magic (cut and restored wrist, the magic colostomy bag, etc.) in natural-looking settings. For instance, where David Copperfield might perform a light-and-dance spectacular centered around a caged duck and then turn the duck into a chicken, Angel is more likely to come upon a duck wandering around in the wild, levitate it into a barbecue, and eat it.

In addition to performing magic, Angel likes to thrill audiences with death-defying stunts. Some of these stunts include:

Angel is very private about his personal life, and rumor has it that he is actually a short, pudgy black grandmother-of-twelve named Clarice.End of story

Walking Across Lake Mead | Levitating Light Bulb | Impossible Phone Booth
Pulling a Woman Apart | Walking on Water
Short Levitation | Trash Can Teleport
Walk Through Glass | Levitate Between Buildings

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