Where to buy it: Shock Magic

What it is: A way to make a gigantic house of cards appear almost instantaneously

Rating: Five carefully balanced stars

Details: Imagine this: a spectator chooses a card and the magician shuffles it into the deck. The entire deck is unceremoniously dropped into a large paper grocery bag. After reaching into the bag for a moment, the magician tears it away to reveal a huge house of cards with the spectator's chosen card on top.

There are no gimmicks involved here, just a set of instructions and exercises to help you hone your house-of-cards-building skills until they are razor sharp. After only a few hours of practice each day for a few years (assuming you start when you are very young), you will be able to build a spectacular, sturdy house of cards in a matter of seconds.

I approached Andrew Mayne, creator of CastleMaynia, to ask how he developed his system. Said Mayne, "It's three in the morning! What's you're problem? Get out of here and if you ring my bell again, I'm calling the cops." What a guy!End of story

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Magic is not real. Reality is not magic.

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