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Four new reviews

Friday, November 28th, 2008

I am a bit behind on my schedule, but have posted new reviews of Gecko, Frozen, Sleeping Queen, and CastleMaynia.

After purchasing and practicing these effects, I discovered that I could get some very nice audience reaction by putting an entire deck of cards to sleep, instantly building a house out of it, magically turning it into an ice palace, and then making the whole thing disappear in the blink of an eye. Give it a try!

New Effects Exposed

Monday, August 11th, 2008

I had time this weekend to do a little research and have posted the results in the main part of the Web site. This time around I have a clear, detailed explanation of how magician Criss Angel walked across Lake Mead on his Midfreak show, and the secrets behind Ellusionist’s newest effect Flow (which won’t be their newest after tomorrow, so I had to get this in as quickly as possible).

To this day I still get a lot of hate mail from people complaining about my original (and exacting) description of how Criss Angel walked across a swimming pool. Some people have even gone so far as to send me detailed mathematical proofs that my explanation is “impossible”. But doing the impossible is pretty much the essence of magic, isn’t it? Sigh — when will people learn.

Please keep sending me your questions. I’ll answer some more later this week.

Site additions

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

I thought that so long as I have this blog, I might as well use it to announce new additions to the main site as well. I added a bunch of stuff today, namely:

  • An incredibly unbiased review of Ellusionist’s incredible, fabulous, must-buy, Shadow Masters Deck, which I think you should go out and buy a case of right now
  • Complete details of how Criss Angel makes a lit light bulb levitate (with bonus information on how he floated above the light at the Luxor hotel)
  • Explanations of two classic stage effects: the Chinese Rice Bowls and Milk to Newspaper

Be sure to write to me if you have any requests for magic effects, methods, secrets, rumors, or spelling words you need explained!

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