What percentage of flesh coverage for an assistant provides the optimum distraction for the audience?

The answer varies, depending on who your audience is. If you’re playing to a room full of drunks, it’s not going to matter because they’ll see what they want to see. If it’s a late-night Vegas show, then your assistant is going to have to be pretty darned close to naked to make any impression at all, since the audience is all set for serious nudity. But at a kid’s birthday party, even a flash of leg is out of the question, unless you’re trying to distract the kids’ parents while you secretly load your suit jacket with their valuables.

Your selection of assistant will also have an impact on the answer to this question. It is considered far more acceptable to have a gorgeous young woman show some cleavage than it is to have a big, hairy old man run around in his undershorts. Particularly if it’s a dinner show.